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Matthew Fredrick Riddle is an American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, better known by the ring name Matt Riddle. He is currently signed to WWE, performing on their NXT brand. He originally trained at the Monster Factory prior to his debut. 

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“I think he’s actually a good guy and we had a very candid conversation about it. I’m going to say that. He said, ‘You have nothing to worry about,’ but I’m going to say that he’s a good guy and that I’m not going to worry, and a lot of things have happened and that’s how it is,” Cena reiterated.

“I’m an emotional guy and it’s been a while since I had an issue that was very publicly reported. It’s going to be weird when everything about it becomes public,” Cena concluded.

The topic has always been of concern to WWE officials and especially the talent, especially when it comes to Cena. Cena had previously come under fire from WWE management by claiming he had concerns about his future and the relationship between him and WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

In late 2007, when WWE was on the brink of not accepting WWE star and WWE Champion Triple H as champion, Triple H told that McMahon told him, “You can’t trust Cena.

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